Genius Installed 3 Horn Sounds That Can Sound Very Pleasant To Very Angry

This is for all of those drivers that feel the single horn sound is too limited

3y ago

Not all car modding stories are about increasing power or making your car look more and more ridiculous. This horn mod is quite ingenious and solves a real issue that we currently have on the road: horn communication. The single tone horn sound has been around for ages and has not received any noticeable improvement throughout the life of the automobile industry.

Regardless of your mood or intention, the inflexible singular tone of the horn could either mean anything from: "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" or "Hi there! How are you doing today?" or "Excuse me, I'm just trying to pass thru and I want you to notice that I'm here." The only differentiating factor is how short and sharp, or how long the horn is pressed. That's still, however, can be harder to do in some vehicles' horns more than others.

Enter this genius who decided to install a 3 level horn sound that solves this very first-world problem. The system consists of three individual buttons that produces a range of sounds between the innocent and friendly beep, to something truly obnoxious and loud. The installation is also well done, producing something that looks very factory. Thanks to his DIY video below, you can also do the same thing to your car!

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