Gentlemen start your engines.

I love them, maybe you do too. Classic, modern, all gens are beautiful.

4y ago

Ok, so bear with me here. I'm not even sure what all this Drivetribe stuff is about. All I know is that I love cars. Maybe you love cars. So when I looked around, I was shocked to see (or not see) that Camaros were not represented in the list of Tribes. So once I searched, the site recommended that I start one. And here we are. Welcome. Forgive me ahead of time...

Hello, I'm a Camaro owner. I have a Victory Red 2013 Camaro 2SS/RS. It's a wonderfully loud, V8, shouty beast. It makes my inner child happy. That same child has been a fan of Camaros since I first encountered them. To me, the 1st Gen Camaros were the perfect car, they got me hooked. The look, the sounds, the thought of the awesome-ness that awaited the driver... I'm not sure when I first began my infatuation with the Camaro, I just remember early on hanging a poster of a 69 Camaro Z28 in my room. Back then it seemed so far away, like wishes and dreams, totally impossible. Now, I'm a Camaro owner... That just made me smile. Hopefully Camaros make you smile too.

So maybe we can all enjoy Camaros, and enjoy this Drivetribe thing (whatever it is) together.

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