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George Russell will replace Romain Grosjean as a director of the GPDA

Grosjean revealed this surprising news on a live stream

12w ago

With the departure of Romain Grosjean from Formula 1, there was always going to be a question over who would be taking over his role as a director of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA). Now it seems like Grosjean himself has told us the answer to that question, as he revealed during a live stream that George Russell would be taking over his role in the future. This is a somewhat surprising move considering that George has only been in F1 since 2019 and is one of the youngest drivers on the grid!

Why is it that George has been chosen for this role? Well, as of right now we can only speculate. He does seem to be a really well-liked and well-respected figure amongst everyone in the paddock and he is really good at interacting with the media, something which no doubt will give him a huge boost when taking on such a central role with the GPDA. He's also likely to be in F1 for a long time due to his status as a Mercedes junior driver and his undeniable driving talent, so it's likely he'll have his role in the GPDA for quite a few years to come.

Romain will remain as a director for 2021 to assist with the transition, whilst Sebastian Vettel and Alex Wurz will remain in their positions as a director and the chairman of the GPDA respectively. Romain will remain as an honourary member of the GPDA once the transition has been completed.

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