George Woodman Garage unveiled a special Yamaha XSR700

Called XSR700 Hommage, is equipped with a particular wooden fairing

42w ago

Since 2015, Yamaha has been building the XSR700, a naked with a retro design that over the years has had great commercial success among enthusiasts. This bike has often been used for the construction of special models and this week a new specimen built by George Woodman Garage was presented.

Built at the company's headquarters in the city of Biarritz, the bike was named XSR700 Hommage and is very unique in its category. The 75 hp twin-cylinder engine has not undergone any upgrades, but new aftermarket components have been added including Γ–hlins forks and shock absorbers, Gilles Tooling foot pegs, KN filters, Rizoma fuel cap, Xrace exhaust and Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa tires.

The main change, however, is the new hand-built fairing in beech wood. Made using a process similar to that with which surfboards are assembled, the hull made it possible to make the design of the XSR700 more aerodynamic but the weight has not increased in the slightest.

The Hommage was built in a single copy and neither the name of the buyer nor the selling price was communicated.


Thanks to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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