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German Auto Magazine Criticizes Volkswagen's ID.3 For Build Quality

Auto Motor Und Sport has a few issues with the new Volkswagen ID.3, should we be concerned?

1y ago

The Criticism

Recently a German automotive magazine Auto Motor Und Sport has criticized Volkswagen's new electric vehicle the ID.3. They have stated that the seats looks worn and used, claiming that they looked like seats out of 200,000 km automobile. They've also brought to attention that inner section of the hood has incomplete paint work and looked like it was done with a spray can. Furthermore, they claimed the infotainment was slow and unfinished. Their criticism doesn't stop there, as they also dangerously claim the range of the vehicle was lower than what Volkswagen claims it can achieve. Auto Motor Und Sports finishes by insulting the price of the ID.3, stating it should half the 49,000 euro sticker price.

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The Reality Of The Claims

Right, the seats do looked outdated, I'll admit to that however, they're not horrendous. Most people typically put seat covers over their seats, regardless of their appearance. If using cheaper fabric helps reduce the cost of the vehicle, then I say go for it. They didn't state that they were uncomfortable and to me that's what's most important. Using an industrial gray paint inside the inner hood is another questionable move. However, I think of internal combustion vehicles and they typically cover that section with some sort of heat protector, usually colored black, which also doesn't match the outside paint. What does Auto Motor Und Sport expect? Netting, a compartment or a mirror finish? Sure, why not? Except that'll raise the price of the vehicle. Now as for the speed of the infotainment system. I drive a few year old Volkswagen Golf and mine is quick to navigate and comes with handy shortcuts with multiple screens and features. I can't imagine the ID.3 is as slow as a Windows 98 dial up computer. So, as long as you can adjust the volume and navigate your music quickly, I don't have an issue with it. Alright, that brings us to the dangerous range claim. As we all know range depends on the driver, weather, elevation, weight, and even type of fuel (for internal combustion). All I can say is perhaps try 80 miles per hour on the Autobahn, on a mild sunny day and see what kind of range you can achieve.

An example of a internal combustion's inner hood.

An example of a internal combustion's inner hood.

The Verdict

Volkswagen's ID.3 is something new from Volkswagen. Volkswagen has never mass produced electric vehicles before, even though they plan too. What Auto Motor Und Sport calls quality issues is in reality production savings. This helps lower the price of the vehicle both to manufacture and to sell. Electric vehicles are currently expensive to manufacture and takes critical thinking to keep the price from being ridiculous. Truth be told, the Volkswagen ID.3 has a great safety ranking and has some progressive technology featured. 49,000 euro is indeed pricey for a Volkswagen however, when they have practice and infrastructure in place the prices will go down. Driving an electric vehicles is always cheaper than what the sticker price states. This is due to the savings on gasoline, repair and maintenance, emissions and road tax. Volkswagen isn't Audi therefore, they create upscale blue collar automobiles, you shouldn't expect it to be a Tesla. Volkswagen does a fantastic job of making vehicles with better specifications and features than the competition. The ID.3 has no real issues and is a quality vehicle.

What do you think of Volkswagen's new ID.3? Please let me know in comments down below.

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Comments (6)

  • I find your response to the findings quite apologetic to be honest

    Had this not been a VW but a Tesla we would have heard the angry lions roar, now it's a VAG product it's normal, and if it's not normal it's no problem, and if it's a problem everybody else has the same problem...

    See where I'm going?

    As I've written somewhere else, I have a Model 3, and I like it but it's far from perfect, my neighbour has an ID3 with some bells and whistles. He bought it blind, because he had an Audi A5 before, so he didn't want the sub par Tesla.

    I can tell you who regrets his decision.

    It isn't me.

      1 year ago
    • Truthfully, electric vehicles automatically generate more criticism than internal combustion vehicles. One little issue that occurs 1/50,000 vehicles creates a media buzz. This is due to people being afraid of change. Electric...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • Interesting. I agree with your assessment. I have had multiple VW's and while they are haven't been perfect they were six figure cars either. But they were built well, drove great and I loved owning them. I would buy another if I were in the market.

    I have not had the opportunity to be inside an ID.3. I would like to check them out now.

      1 year ago
  • I agree with the German auto magazine. Build quality sucks.

    Your excuse of seat covers is total BS. I have never put seat covers on any one of my cars. The overspray on the underside of the hood speaks to rushed production output with little quality control by VW in hopes of getting a quick sale????? fix the mess then put a real finished quality car on the market. The underside of the hood on my Chevy Volt has finished quality paint on it so stop making excuse for VW in hopes of getting more clicks on your posting.

      1 year ago