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    German Businessman Bins it Like Hammond in Mclaren Senna

    Possible contender for 'Binning of the Year'!

    We've all done it haven't we? We've picked up our shiny new car we've purchased from the dealership - only to kerb the alloy when we park up at home.

    A German Businessman from the suburb of Grünwald in Munich Germany went one better. Reports say he'd recently collected this ultra-rare Ultimate Series McLaren Senna from the McLaren Dealership earlier that day. Then, in a moment of madness paid homage both to the late, great Ayrton Senna and to our own veteran binner 'Richard Hammond'.

    Credit where credit is due, he binned this car quite responsibly. Though it was in a quiet, narrow street - it transpires he wasn't racing. How he could bin his hypercar, THIS heroically, on a straight piece of road - I can't say.

    All I could suggest is that he was tootling along in his 800 BHP beast, with enough torque to tow a planet... When he decided the cockpit was getting a bit hot. Not wanting to use the AC, opting for a breath of fresh air instead - he opens the window.

    Now at this point there are two possibilities. He had hayfever and proceeded to sneeze - slapping the accelerator to the floor in the process. Or a bee or wasp flew in and stung him causing the same result.

    I've cried over scratching the paint off my bumper - so how this chap felt after crash-testing his $1 million car, I don't know. In some respects it's surprising this crash DID happen. The Senna is packed with F1 technology and was designed to be a real flagship for McLaren. A pity it didn't have a collision avoidance system.

    The cost of repairing the car is estimated at 850,000 euros - pretty much the price of the car. Will it be worth repairing? Well, these are a very limited edition car and COULD go up in value - though that might be somewhat compromised if it ends up on the German equivalent of a Cat C! I think personally he OUGHT to repair the car. It'd done less than 60 miles at the time of the crash so was effectively crippled before it had a chance to even stretch its legs properly. Besides which, the rarity probably makes the wreck worth more than it's purchase price on the open market anyway.

    I would venture that if you DO want to splash out on an 800 BHP hypercar - you should probably familiarize yourself with it on a track. Of course this fellow might have fully intended to do that - sadly he couldn't even get his car home from the dealership before planting it nose-first into a wall.

    If Ayrton is up there somewhere, looking down. Then I suspect he'll have a tear in his eye for his automotive namesake. But perhaps he'll have a little sympathy for Fritz whose wife has probably stopped speaking to him since this story broke. Afterall, sometimes even being a legendary racing driver, in a car that IS packed with F1 Tech can't save you from a crash.

    So possibly one of the most expensive binners yet, enters the 'Binned it Like Hammond' Hall of Shame. I really can't imagine anyone topping this one for some time.

    Martyn Stanley


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    Comments (10)

    • Do you think they are charging him that much to teach him a lesson for being a tool??

        2 years ago
      • I suppose that might explain it. Possibly even better than the 'cracked carbon-fibre tub' theory.

          2 years ago
    • Having been in the unfortunate position of having to choose (as a result of my own stupidity I admit) between hitting a wall and potentially rear ending two lines of queuing traffic the other side of the brow of a small hill in a car I'd owned for less than a week (I had less than half a second to decide, though I remember it feeling more like 10 seconds at the time) I can kind of sympathise - while he was quite probably driving too quickly we don't know if he was trying to avoid hitting something, a small child on a bike perhaps who didn't hang around..

      Granted, I did it in an MK2 Toyota MR2 that I'd paid £750 for, but it was a lot of money to me at the time!

        2 years ago
      • There are so many reasons this could have happened. I suspect these cars are really best driven on track, I don't think they're really setup for narrow suburban streets.

          2 years ago
    • He may as well buy a new one, than repair.

      Or just use the bus.

        2 years ago
    • The last two paragraphs are savage and I loved reading them!😂😂

        2 years ago
      • I aim to please! Sadly - I miss most of the time, but still - you can't lose em' all! :)

          2 years ago
    • How can it cost 850,000 euros to fix that? Has he cracked the carbon fibre tub or something?

        2 years ago
      • Could be. If it was me I'd probably bodge it with a roll of kidnapping tape and some body filler, but that's because I couldn't afford 850,000 Euros.

          2 years ago


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