Germany RX 2017: The best photos

3y ago
- A beautiful shot of Mattias Ekström. Credits: EKS
- Reinis Nitiss hitting the gravel. Credits: EKS
- Petter Solberg, who suffered sever injuries (broken collarbone, broken ribs, bruised lung) at the LatviaRX, didn't miss any rounds, and incredibly he was on the grid in Germany just two weeks after the accident and a successful surgery. Credits: WRX
- With some help Petter is back in the cockpit. Credits:
- EKS team boss Mattias Ekström is changing his own tires. Credits: EKS
- A great reflection in Topi Heikkinen's helmet. Credit: EKS
- And they are off! Credits:
- Solberg leading
- Ekström leading the way in the gravel section Credits: EKS
- Solberg going sideways. Credits:
- Nitiss concentrating before the start. Credits: EKS
- CsuCsu puting his foot down in his small green Kia Rio. Credits:
- Sebastien Loeb also with the Peugeoot. Credits:
- 2017 FIA World Rallycross Champion Johan Kristoffersson with some bran new Coopertires'. Credits:
- An AMAZING in-action photo of Mattias Ekström. WOW! Hats off to the photographer! Credits: EKS
- Heikkinien in the air. Another 'Flying Finn'. Credits:
- Kevin Eriksson in Turn 1. He famously 'went round the outside' here and claimed his first WorldRX victory one year ago at Estering. Credits:
- Ekström in the mud. Credits:
- Andreas Bakkerud is definitely going hard. Credits:
- Great atmosphere. Credits:
- The magical Turn 1. Credits:
- Ekström ahead of Hansen in the final. Credits: EK
- Three happy faces on the podium. Credits:
- Mattias Ekström scored his fourth win of the season. Credits: EK

A victory for Mattias Ekström at the Estering ahead of Peugeot driver Timmy Hansen and EKS-teammate Toomas Heikkinen. Petter Solberg made an unbelievably quick return from his severe injury and despite the championship is decided (title already won by Johan Kristoffersson) at the last round there will be an incredible battle for 2nd place between Solberg and Ekström. Can't wait for the last round in Cape Town, South Africa!

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  • Cannot actually believe Solberg got back in the car as soon as he did with a broken clavicle. Absolute machine!

      3 years ago