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Get behind the wheel of the incredible Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series!

730 PS and a tremendous sound for the ultimate AMG GT

36w ago

Unveiled three months ago, the ultimate version of the Mercedes-AMG GT, named as the tradition requires the Black Series, finally lets itself be discovered during a first track test session gathering the international press but also the potential customers.

The ideal opportunity to check the car's performance and confirm the astounding figures put forward by the star brand. Nothing better than putting yourself in the shoes of a real driver! Automann-TV youtuber invites us to get in the car for some fast track laps.

From the first visual contact, the AMG GT Black Series announces a lot of aggressiveness, notably with its bright volcanic orange paintwork accompanied by its unmistakable black carbon fibre rear wing. Other equally spectacular elements that significantly improve aerodynamics characterize the car.

The front grille is taken straight out of the AMG GT3 race car. Once the visual impact is over, the car also gives voice! The 4.0-litre V8 developing 730 PS and 800 Nm is remarkable for its raucous and aggressive sound. From the very first wheel spins, the key word, sportiness, is always on the driver's mind. Performance is so strong that it is possible to feel the torque rise through this video!

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