Get Leh'd.

Experience the perfect #Indian roads, experience Leh & Ladakh.

3y ago

The most rewarding driving experience awaits you in the northernmost parts of India, Leh & Ladakh. Here, a driver drives through the most beautiful/challenging roads to reach the most beautiful destinations mother nature has to offer.

I don't care if you're a rider or driver, you have to experience this nature + man-made wonder. I did the mistake of going to this place on a plane, and then hiring a guy to drive me around in his cab, which even you can do. But after coming back from this place, I've realised that never again will I let someone else take the pleasures I pay for, at least not this one for sure. I was afraid then, I thought I'll kill myself because of lack of experience and skill, not knowing the fact that not driving here when I could have is now killing me more.

So please don't make the mistake I made and get Leh'd whenever you can.

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