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Get much more horsepower at a bargain price with this Mustang!

On the program, 1,000 hp at an unbeatable price!

1y ago

Many people would like to buy their new car with a huge extra power, while keeping the vehicle's warranty. In the United States, this practice is common, especially on famous muscle cars such as the Ford Mustang, the Chevy Camaro or the Dodge Challenger.

In fact, an establishment specialized in mechanical preparation is proposing a radical modification on the Mustang GT. At Lebanon Ford, they attract customers with an attractive offer. With the Project M, the customer can take home a Mustang GT equipped with a fifth-generation Whipple 3.0 compressor or a Procharger D1X. The car also receives new spark plugs, new injectors and a new fuel pump.

The end result of all these improvements is simply monstrous as the basic 5.0L V8 sees its power increase to 1,000 hp! All we need is for the car to be fed with E85. Otherwise, the power is limited to 800 hp, which is, let's face it, still impressive.

Impressive certainly, but much less than the price of this vehicle which is a miracle! To get behind the wheel of this 1,000 hp Mustang GT, it will cost you just $54,995! A price barely higher than that of the original Mustang GT, for twice the power! An even cheaper intermediate version is available for $49,995, but for this price, you will have to do without the performance pack.

These Mustang GTs can also be fitted with other additional accessories such as an optimised suspension, a sports exhaust system or a high-performance reinforced clutch.

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Comments (2)

  • This is certainly cheaper than a Model S for fast 1/4 mile times, it's quite the bargain for a High performance vehicle if you ask me.

      1 year ago
  • Can’t complain with that. American muscle. 🚗

      1 year ago