Get ready for some big Tesla launches happening on September 22

And yes, 22nd is known as Battery Day.

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The moment you think about Electric mobility, you think about Elon Musk. The guy responsible for Tesla - the brand that has made EVs so popular, will be holding an event on the 22nd of this month (Battery Day), to put an end to all the rumours and speculations that have escalated since he tweeted this:

So what can we expect? As the occasion is Battery Day, it wouldn’t be an incorrigible mistake to presume something electric or battery related announcement from the tech mogul. Due to the scathing Covid-19 impact, several manufacturers weren’t able to make deliveries of their cars on time due to disruptions in the supply chain. To align things again and reconcile relations with suppliers, he might inform us about his long-term battery supply which is of paramount importance, specially for a manufacturer that predominantly focuses on electric mobility.

The announcement could also be about his plans of in-house manufacturing of battery cells, which is called the project Roadrunner.

Not interested in that, then Elon and his team will also reveal next generations of the heavily awaited Model S and Model X. Just the previous month, we got to know about the ‘Project Palladium’ which lays down plans of updating both the cars. Time to get excited, people.

Moreover, spy shots about the Model S prototype surfaced online undergoing testing at the famed Nurburgring last year. This further affirms our speculation about the car’s launch. Though the Model 3 and the Model Y aren’t obsolete, in these fast changing times of cut-throat competition and tech innovations, manufacturers tend to reduce the average lifespan of a product and new generations break cover. That could be the case with the above mentioned cars too.

Last but not the least and the best of all the news is that we might get some news on the much-awaited second-gen Tesla Roadster. Yes!

What do you think could be revealed on the holy day? Let us know in the comments.

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  • It's almost guaranteed that the Model S Plaid (the 'prototype' seen circulating around the N-Ring) will be formally announced, possibly utilising the new battery technology Tesla is understood to be bringing into production as I write this. The rumour mill has been in full swing, with super-capacitors, lithium/air batteries, lithium/nickel hydride, dry-cell and so on, all being mooted. With both the Cybertruck and the Semi-truck getting their factories being built ready for next summer's production, for the Semi a special kind of battery is almost certain to be announced. After Bill Gates comments recently regarding the unlikelihood of the electrification of the trucking industry, followed by Elon Musk's derogatory dismissal of same and Tesla's famous ability to under promise and over deliver, I'm pretty sure there are going to be some big surprises. Unlike every other auto-maker, Tesla is, via Musk, involved in cutting edge science across a broad swath of disciplines and employs the absolute cream of the planet's technical brains. They are so wealthy that they can buy up whoever has the patents for something likely to mesh with their product development. They don't follow model updates like conventional car makers either, but change their production overnight as new technical achievements overtake what they started off with. Be prepared to see rear end mega-castings to replace the numerous spot-welded components that make up the back end of the Model Y and possibly the Model 3 as well. Rumour has it that there might be a full front end casting as well, even if not immediately. Certainly, Tesla provides continuous over-the-air updates, free of charge, to all existing Tesla owners that constantly upgrade and improve one's car as you sleep overnight, and Musk is already using the raw full self driving software in his own car, is said to be issuing it to beta-testers in limited numbers in about two months with (unexpected problems apart) general distribution even before Christmas. It isn't believed that drivers will be entitled to drive without constantly monitoring their car until local legislation sees fit to change the necessary laws, in order to just sit back and snooze as your car drives you to, well, anywhere you tell it to.

      7 months ago
  • Some cool technology should be unveiled, personally I hope they elaborate on their cobalt free batteries and what that will do for overall pricing.

      7 months ago