Get ready to get mad at this classic electric Ford GT40

Or not, some people may like it

Not that long ago, I wrote a similar story with a similar headline (it was a Porsche) because I was trying to stir things up a bit and it worked brilliantly. Some people in the comments argued that no, there's nothing wrong with an electric classic, while others believe this is the worst automotive idea since the catalytic converter. I think there are convincing points on both sides of this argument.

This time, the classic car in question is a Ford GT40, 'electrified' by Everrati, the same UK company that turned the classic 911 964 (along with a Land Rover Series IIA and a Mercedes SL Pagoda) into an electric vehicle. The Oxfordshire-based firm teamed up with Superformance, a company that specializes (under license) in 1960s-era continuation sports cars, to create an electric version of a car that's possibly even more iconic than the 911.

The manufacturer was extremely cryptic about the car's power and performance figures. They simply said it is fitted with a custom-made electric power unit and battery system.

The electric 911 is equipped with a 500 hp, 500 lb-ft powertrain with 150 miles of range so I'd reasonably expect (at least) the same power and range from the GT40, or possibly more. We'll find out more about it soon enough. In the meantime, the question remains: WOULD YOU DO IT?

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Comments (48)

  • wait, it is a replica right?

      17 days ago
    • It better be or I’m gonna blow a gasket

        17 days ago
    • If it is a replica than I am completely fine with it, but if not.....

        17 days ago
    • 17 days ago
  • It's a replica so it was already made of non original parts to start with. As long as no rich moron converts a original then it will be ok. If they did convert a original I guess it will lower the originality value if it went to a auction as all the numbers including the engine on the original GT40's match the chassis build numbers.

      16 days ago
  • These arguments come up again and again but the way I see it as long as it is a replica and not using original vintage parts that should be used to restore and preserve that history for future generations then it is absolutely fine, and hell I'd say I endorse it make more electric vintage replicas!

      16 days ago
  • Now that's what I call a barbaric act!

      16 days ago