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Get Ready To See A Chevy Camaro in Australia Supercars Racing

Have a guess on which car it's going after as we get details on Gen3, including room for hybrid power

41w ago

For the third generation of Australia's Supercars regulations, General Motors has announced that they'll be fielding a Chevrolet Camaro in 2022.

With the upcoming update in the regulations for Supercars, both Ford and GM will be bringing new and updated versions of their warhorses, with Chevy replacing Holden and their four doors full time in two years. GM announced their Camaro ZL1-bodied entry last Thursday, confirming GM's commitment to the class in the immediate future.

Key to Gen3 is the cost of entry: with the chassis coming in kit form, the system contributes to a nearly 40% reduction in costs vs the current Generation 2 cars. There's also a greater emphasis on road resemblance, with the new rules aiming for less downforce and generally lower, wider stances. It also has space that allows hybrid power thanks to a cavity designed for battery packs.

Yet questions remain. The current situation isn't favourable to motor racing in general, and with the car industry contracting, it's easy to look at racing projects as the first ones to be axed in the name of efficiency -- there's a reason why Volkswagen Group pulled out of nearly every non-electric series after Dieselgate. Stephen Ottley has reservations in Gen3's ability to attract new manufacturers or even retain GM at all, but the cost reductions vs Gen2 may entice the likes of Toyota to give this class of touring car a try -- though I personally wonder how the insistence for V8s in a six-cylinder world will throw a wrench in attracting non-muscle makers, much less those that have little historic ties to the Oceania market.

Still, it's encouraging to see GM around for the short-term, and while I have doubts that GM will even keep the Camaro around past 2023 (if rumours are anything to go by), there is still some hope that Supercars can stay alive and brawling.

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  • Supercars Board Meeting... Probably:

    "Alright lads, so our sport has not been doing well financially, GM just pulled the plug on Holden, and China decided to do a China. Any ideas on how we can fix this mess?"

    GM Exec Busts into the Office*

    "Howdy ye bunch of Australian bushwackers! I have a perfect idea! What we do is put our brand in the place of your beloved brand! That won't anger fans at all, right? Also, how about we add a hybrid unit to those lovely V8s of yours! Why is everybody holding a knife all of a sudden?"

      9 months ago