- My personal maisto 1/24 Shelby Cobra 427

Get Real Gone with the 427 Cobra

This is my all time favorite car period. It was built with the intention of killing you, but that doesn't stop me from loving it.

The Shelby Cobra has become one of the most iconic cars ever. Sadly most of the real ones were destroyed on race tracks or had been involved in tragic accidents. That means that not very many 427 Cobras are left in existence. This leads to there being lots of replicas. And these replicas are incredibly cool, but it is sad that most of the real ones are sadly gone forever. But that rarity makes the love for Cobras enrich.

Previous Cobras featured the 289 Ford small block, but they could only get so much performance out of them. Shelby American needed something more muscular and they wanted more displacement. The answer was the Ford 427. The 7.0 L or 427 cubic inch V-8 was a pushrod, cross-plane crankshaft, monster of an enigne. True power numbers are mostly unknown. Shelby American said it had 425 horsepower, but in reality engineers and owners have tested them at 450 to over 500 horsepower. Which is insane in such a lightweight roadster with no safety feautres. Not to mention they had up to 480 lb ft of torque, which combined with the lightweight chassis and large displacement made acceleration in these feel like the end of the world, they were so quick.

Now lets talk about my Cobra. Mine is painted in a bright red with black stripes. It looks great in these colors and creates a very muscular design. The hood has a large intake and you can see the air cleaner sticking up in the engine compartment. Which we will get too in a moment. The interior is very simple. And that's how I like it. No silly screens or unnecessary features. Just temperature gauges, oil pressure, tachometer, speedometer and only the things you need. The best part is you get three pedals and a stick. No automatic in this beast. You get to drive the car yourself. The seats are tan and the rest of the interior is very race-like and simple.

Now we have reached the heart of the beast. The 427 cubic inch, pushrod V-8 awaits us. It uses dual carburetors and has a large intake manifold as you would expect with an engine of this displacement. You can also see your coolant compartment and your textured radiator to keep the engine cool. And keep it looking cool in the process. Nothing like a classic American V-8.

The 427 Cobra will forever be my favorite car and my all-time dream to own one. Of course it would be risky driving one. It is not made for the faint-hearted and only the best drivers can handle them. The chances of the lights going out for good are very high. But at least it will be worth doing it in the greatest American car that will ever be made. Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more! Have a lovely day!

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  • I have many found memories of these cars. About 15 years ago I worked in a shop that assembled the CSX continuation cars for Shelby of America. Luckily I got many rides in both 289, 427, and some special configuration Cobras when we had to do the mandated break in/shake down miles before customer/dealer delivery. These cars are no joke no matter what spec!

      3 months ago
    • Wow that’s such an amazing story!!!!

        3 months ago
    • I'm almost going to pull the trigger on these wheels for my classic Volvo as well because I really love them.

        3 months ago
  • Fun fact: The actual body and chassis wasn’t designed by Shelby American, it was actually designed by a British sports car company under the AC Ace name, all Shelby did was provide the engines, did minor performance tweaks and changed a couple of bits like wheels etc.

    Anyway, most people don’t know that so I thought I’d mention it! Nice model!

      3 months ago
  • Awesome review! It's easy to notice that this is your favorite car!

      3 months ago
  • Shelby Collectables makes one in 1:18 scale. They have a pretty good selection, so once you get more into larger scales you gotta check them out!

      3 months ago