Get Smart, Make Art

“Get Smart, Make Art” reads my shirt. This was circa 1996 when my best friend and I were shuttled off to Ferrari of Dallas for my birthday. At the time corporate had a strict no-cameras policy, so my Polaroid-shaped heart was broken in two. Sales manager noticed my disappointment and offered to drive around “something special” if we were willing to step outside for a few minutes, so we did. Aaaaaaand what greeted us was the same car that adorned my bedroom walls as a kid: a red-over-white Countach 5000QV. Happy birthday to me, I went home with a triad of Polaroids after all.

This was far from the beginning— I was always a car lover and could help but draw them —but this is perhaps my earliest and fondest memory of being steeped in the enthusiastic culture of collectible, aspirational, beautiful, fast automobiles. I’ll never forget that day.

#makeartanddrivefast @ Ferrari of Dallas

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