Get your Christmas Clarkson fix with our festive shop

42w ago


It's the time of year to sing carols, wrap presents and hack down a perfectly good tree before bringing it into the searing warmth of your home. Yep, it's nearly Christmas.

And to celebrate the season of goodwill, we've created a range of delicious DriveTribe merch for your gifting purposes. Or as a little treat to yourself – we won't tell. Here's a quick rundown on all the coolest Christmas merch available right now in the DriveTribe store.

Festive tops

Even Oliver's getting in on the action

Let your inner petrolhead come out – but stay warm inside – with our brilliant range of toasty clothing. Choose from the snow-drift-ready GTR Christmas jumper, delightful Delorean pullover and my personal favourite, the 'Good News! It's Christmas [but really the Dacia Sandero]' top.

Clarkson, Hammond and May tinseltastic t-shirt

Okay, actually making t-shirts out of tinsel was an itchy mistake that we'll never make again, but that's not stopped us lending a snowy air of magic to our Clarkson, Hammond and May t-shirt designs. We think Clarkson would make a terrific Santa.

Ho, ho, ho cock…


Where there's a pun, there's a t-shirt. And that's exactly why you should indulge in this seasonal take on Mr May's personally designed 'oh cock' t-shirt. People tend to stare at your chest for a while as they work out the pun, then become your friend for life when it finally sinks in. Now with added snow. Get yours here.

There's even more – just head to the store

We've actually gone a bit overboard with the Christmas designs and there's plenty more up for grabs than you can see here. Just click below to have a jolly good browse.

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