Get Your Popcorn Ready, Ayrton Senna The Musical Is Almost Here

Yes, Ayrton Senna The Musical!

3y ago

Have you ever sat alone on a Saturday night and wondered to yourself, "I love Ayrton Senna but I wish someone would portray his amazing life to the sounds of contemporary music and dance?" Well wonder no longer because the Aventura Entretenimento company in partnership with the Senna Family is here to make sure you never have to wonder that ever again.

For three days starting Friday November 10th, Ayrton Senna, O Musical will play on the Riachuelo Rio Theatre in Rio de Janeiro stage. It will run in conjunction with the Brazilian Grand Prix set to take place this weekend. In case you were wondering, Aventura Entretenimento is no joke in the world of Brazilian theater. (words I thought I would never say). Their list of productions include the Brazilian versions of "The Sound Of Music" and "The Wizard of Oz". So the Senna Musical is getting some serious theater might behind it.

Actor Hugo Bonemer leads a 25-person cast and will present Senna's life using "contemporary dance, aerial and pendulum acts and through light and sound design". "To talk about Ayrton Senna we have to fly high," said Aniela Jordan, Aventura's managing director.

If you are lucky enough to be in Rio this weekend and find yourself with some free time on your hands head on over to the Riachuelo for what is sure to be one hell of a unique show. No word has been given on a potential "Senna on Ice" production.

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