Get Your Subaru WRX STI Pumpkin Carving Pattern Right Here!

This makes me want to actually carve pumpkins

3y ago

Fall is here and everything is being pumpkin-nated. The act of pumpkin carving, apple picking, apple-cider drinking, vest-and-boot-outfit-looking-like-Han-Solo-wearing, is going to be picking up steam very soon, and it's going to get annoying very quick. However, Subaru has given us one reason why pumpkin carving is something you should completely look forward to, because they've given it the WRX-STI treatment.

That's right! Just head on over to this link right here to get your very own WRX STI pattern.

Show your car enthusiast friends that you suddenly care about pumpkins, carving pumpkins, and letting fruit (or is it a vegetable?) rot on your front porch over the next two to three weeks, by having this COMPLETELY AWESOME WRX STI Pumpkin Edition.

Once you get your pumpkin, here's what you need to do:

1. Get your pumpkin cleaned out on the inside and wipe down the outer surface

2. Print the image above using greyscale . Download it here!

3. Tape the pattern to the flattest part of the face of the pumpkin

4. Carefully carve out the lines using a serrated knife

Just don't hurt yourself and remember that the Pumpkin is cylindrical, so you can rotate it if you mess up. Have fun!

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