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Need to vent? Have a rant? Saw something crazy?

3y ago

Someone cut you off and nearly crashed? Neighbor have an obnoxious car? Found out your significant other skipped rent to buy rims?

Let's here about it! The more we find out about each other's crazy, the less we feel crazy! #whatwewant #getthis #smalltribesrule

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  • Yeah. I do. Seriously people.. Slower traffic keep right, and if you're on a one lane road... ffs next time take an alternate route... or a cab... or whatever. It should be illegal to do 10-15 under the speed limit. You're screwing up my enjoyment of this nice winding road and the beautiful day doing 30mph. In the words of the great lyricist Ludacris... Move Bitch get out the way... get out the way bitch get out the way.

      3 years ago