Getting to detail the James Bond Cars for Top Gear!

This was a great moment for me being a fan of Top Gear! & James Bond.

3w ago

In December I got lucky enough to get chosen to look after the James Bond cars for a Top Gear Special featuring some of the worlds most iconic cars. Getting to work on the £3.3M Aston Martin Db5 Goldfinger Edition was a special moment.

Unfortunately I couldnt share much content but have put a few clips of the cars on my video. Definitely one of those great moments for a detailer and one i wont forget.

View the Video here. #detailing #topgear #jamesbond

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  • WOW, Top Gear, My clame to fame is i used to work as an off road driving instructor for Toyota and when they launched a new hilux called the Invincable they had the red hilux that Top Gear tryed to destroy. It turned up to the event on the back of a lorry and i got to drive it, well i was towed, and as the doors wouldn't open i was in the back leaning out with my arm in the window stearing on a short trip from the lorry it arrived on to the tent it was desplayed in next to a big tv screen showing its moments on Top Gear. So the only famouse thing i've driven, is a nackered red pickup which a broken chassis lol. I wish i had a picture, somebody did take one and they said they would send it to me but they didn't so i only have the memory. Every time i saw Top Gear after that i always looked for that red pick up which you would sometimes see in the studio even on newer episodes after i'd been towed in it. PS, If you ever see it your going to need ALOT, of polish and elbow grease.

      23 days ago