Getting to know calvin

Calvin's first week at EFI Logics

4y ago

We'd like to thank Calvin Dotson for joining the EFI Logics team! He is a pleasure to have behind the wheel on our dyno and is a wealth of information. Through the myriad of cars we had last week, Calvin helped us to battle through and make sure we got them all completed. We found that his 15 years experience as a technician really came in handy when a car had an issue that needed some diagnosis work and his methodical perspective with tuning was concise and informative.

Calvin is a laid back Texan with 8 years of tuning experience at Cobb Plano after being formally trained by Cobb Tuning. While is expertise is in anything Cobb supported, he can also tune with open source and is quickly learning Ecutek for our BRZ/FRS customers. We'll be expanding from there, but that covers the vast majority of our tuning base. We're scheduling tuning for next week now, so feel free to call or email us about getting your car on the rollers.

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