Getting Up For A Race In The Morning

Every sport demands great skills, determination and effort. The sheer amount of concentration needed to correctly set up a car, and the strength needed to be able to drive such a car is not measurable. It is the peak of mankind and machine. It is skill and it is demanding.

It is much the same for the motorsport fan who must get up for an early race. This is not a hyperbole as it can be among the toughest experience one can live through. Much like the athletes, we also put ourselves into this position on our own account. Hence, we must live with the consequences.

The last race in Malaysia just reminded me that getting ready for an early race is tough. Especially so when you’re suffering from a cold as well - not that I am whining – but just like with the cold I am bravely marching on!

In fact, Malaysia wasn’t too bad for your friendly Europeans. The races I dread the most are the Australian Grand Prix – because it almost always collides with daylight saving – and the Japanese Grand Prix next week.

Over the years since my return to the temple of horse-power and down-force I have learned various methods to force my body through these situations. I think the most common is the kindly named "Attack of The Alarm Clocks!”

light but persistent

It follows the simple principle of “once you don’t succeed let the alarm clock stab you until you finally get your arse moving” otherwise known as “let's try again.”

In this case the alarm needs to be set in the right time frame. It may take longer to get out of bed for work because afterwards you need to summon enough energy to get dressed, brush your hair, put make-up on and manage to drag your body to work.

Meanwhile, for watching a race you only need to be able to turn on the television. Once this is done you are ready to go. Just a few moments until the flag drops and you can watch your favourite team hopefully score some decent points. That is if you can make out the blurry mess on your screen.

An important time in every motorsport fan's life

I admit that because it is racing that close-ups aren’t what they are in the cinema, but there is a difference between a car being far away and the world turning into a blurry mess where the red blob drives around some dark blue blob. While it is easy to turn on the television, it is not easy to comprehend what is happening on the screen …

For this I need to kick the brain into some kind of gear first. There are various ways: one is light-physical exercise. It is up to you if you’d rather indulge into a comfortable jog to the fridge, simple yoga poses or chasing the cat through the house.

A favoured method of mine is going after a beautiful brown liquid. It can be consumed with whipped cream, milk, water and even brown sugar. This masterful liquid is called coffee.

Furthermore, you don’t want to miss any action because you can’t recognize what’s going on. If you’d watch the start of the latest Singapore GP you’d be wide awake within the moment. Unless you only see two red blobs, and a dark one throwing an orange blob up in the air. To add to the excitement, coffee can be served in F1 themed mugs!

An important travel muggy

Hopefully you can also find your way to watch early races, no matter if it's Formula 1, Formula E, MotoGP. The pinnacle of art-form is needed for the World Endurance Championship.

If all fails, you can catch up on most races online, or they are repeated at 4 AM on the television ....

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