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Ghosts of the asphalt: Audi Sport Quattro S2 GR.S

The story about a car that Never existed... or did it?

1y ago

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Being a young car enthusiast, I have yet to see a car that didn`t spark my interest, I haven`t got to meet the glory days of motorsport back in the 80s like the Famous Group B.

However, a conversation I had with a rally enthusiast after the rally stage concluded left me baffled since I didn`t even hear its name, let alone had ever saw a picture of such a car on the internet.

"The Audi sport Quattro S2 GR.S was like the S1 but... much more deadly"

"Don`t be a liar, Audi Didn`t make such a weird MR AWD car" I told him after he mentioned me the central engine layout of the car, the AWD... and how the car is nothing short of a Ghost when it comes to speak about Motorsports in hard surfaces, still it sparked curiosity within me and I got hands-on work to find an answer.

After a long time of searching and asking for the Audi sport Quattro S2 GR.S without many results I was going to give up, until a person mentioned me in a chat message, he was chasing the same ghost as me... and eventually... the answers came in.

The history about the phantom...



This phantom car was some kind of Prototype with a Central engine, the exact number of units made of this car is unknown even to this day, it is said all units are destroyed.

The beginning of the S2 GR.S was the result of the collaboration between Audi and Porsche, since Ferdinand Piëch grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, was the president of Audi and at the same time a member of the Porsche family, It is said that Porsche collaborated on the creation of the engine that powered this phantom car, it was rumored to have an output of over 800hp at all wheels, the secrecy of this project was so big not even Ferdinand Piech himself knew everything,

"this car was the definitive weapon to fight at the same level with Peugeot and Lancia"

The project was covered in such a thick blanket of secrecy that not even any of the official Audi drivers of that era knew about the car, let alone about the existence of such a project.

An unnamed driver was however allowed to drive it on the test track of Dešná, (in the former Cheqoslovaquia), proved for the first time the prototype. It was a test only to know that everything was in place and that the car was working properly. Once it was verified that the car was running, Walter Röhrl was called in for some tests, everything including the date was sought so no explanations would have to be made about the pilot`s absence.

The test was said to have taken place in some forest near Salzburg. That day even at night two Audi trucks left in the direction of Austria It is known that upon reaching the destination they saw they were being followed by photographers. the trucks immediately turned around back for Germany making sure they didn`t pick any tails, however a few days later Audi got to try out their new toy without any curious looks, completely alone in the Austrian forest.

The Prototype known as "RS002" as well convinced Walter Rohrl that this car was the definitive weapon to fight at the same level with Peugeot and Lancia, the understeer was gone including the nervous behavior of the S1 E2.

Unfortunately, the story ends here, my source on Discord told me he didn`t know what happened to the Audi Sport Quattro S2 (GR.S) and why it isn`t shown on Audi`s museum let alone many pictures of it on the internet. I also doubt about the pictures, The ghost I chase after appears in those photos? Or is it nothing more than a test mule for the Rally Audi S2? I know older cars are also tasked with testing new powerplants and systems and I wouldn`t discard such a theory. very few things in the automotive world have puzzled me so much, and this phantom car has certainly left me in a state of intrigue.

The only available pictures so far...

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  • Very interesting read, but I'm pretty sure that the car you are looking for is indeed just the test mule for what was going to be, their Group S effort.

    Such a shame that it never came to that.

      1 year ago