- Picture taken by Muhammad Fareed via the Peterborough Telegraph

Giant Santa causes road chaos in Cambridgeshire

Santa is already causing traffic chaos and December hasn't arrived yet!

3y ago

December is still a few days away, but already Christmas is causing chaos on one UK road. Earlier today a giant inflatable Santa broke free from it's moorings on a house in Wisbech and floated across the local road causing what has been described as a major ho- ho-hold up in the area.

Local resident Muhammad Fareed managed to take some pictures and a short video which has been shown in local and national press this afternoon. You can see some video in the tweet below from ITV News.

Picture taken by Muhammad Fareed via ITV News

Picture taken by Muhammad Fareed via ITV News

The AA's official traffic alert reads: "Partially blocked and slow traffic due to a large inflatable Santa on road on B198 Cromwell Road both ways in Wisbech."

It's reported that one motorist got out of his car with a passenger and attempted to puncture Santa to clear the way. I can ony assume that local police will still be on the 'nice' list after helping Santa off the road and getting traffic moving again.

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