Gift guide for women on wheels

2y ago


- Puma features an entire collection of practical and high-quality Ferrari gear. Racing shoes, shirts, jackets, leggings and even a bikini.
- I love good car shirts but I so rarely find them in women sizes. released a great series of silhouettes through history. Alfa Romeo's, BMW 3-series, Nissan Z's, Impreza's and Mini's.
- Tired of racing around in an overall that could fit 3 of you? It's really not just about the looks, it's just bothersome to have too much fabric flapping around. makes high-end custom fitted safetywear, especially for women
- Yes, gadgets! This pen is just what you need to practice your gear shifting skills during work hours. Found for $35 on Amazon (search for Gear shift pen)
- If you're anything like me, you've thrown your toolbox out to carry tons of crap around, just the day you need it... This little kit always fits. Jumper cables, a set of screwdrivers, fuses and a few other things. $40 on
- BMW sells an impressive amount of ladies clothing. They have different styles, like Athletic, M power, Motorsport or Golf gear. The prices look steep, but I can tell you first hand that these jackets last long!
- Simple and elegant! This spanner won't help you on the road, but in contrast to most bulky car jewellery, this piece is designed for women.
- sells one-of-a-kind messenger bags, handbags, and more, by repurposing 1950's and 60's NOS auto seat covers and vintage auto upholstery.
- Alright, I could not resist. One kitchen item. If our loved ones dare to send us to the kitchen with their gifts, it better be worth it. Nordic Ware Pro-Cast Sweet Rides Classic Car Pan. Can be found on Amazon.

We women tend to get caught up in gift shopping for others and completely forget about ourselves. This year I've made it easy for you.

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