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It was 1988 and in the 125 cc sports bikes sector, there was a real trade war between the major manufacturers of the time.

Front Section ( Credits : www.125stradali.com )

In this competition, Gilera also played an active role, presenting the new MX1 designed by the great Luciano Marabese that year.

Side section ( Credits : www.125stradali.com )

The vehicle equipped an aerodynamic hull developed in the Pininfarina wind tunnel. It was also the first motorcycle to use a helmet housing placed in front of the saddle where the tank was usually located.

The saddle ( Credits : www.125stradali.com )

The single-cylinder 125 engine placed inside the new Twinbox steel frame was managed by a six-speed gearbox.

The control panel ( Credits : www.125stradali.com )

With a deliver power of 22 hp, the engine pushed the MX1 up to a maximum speed of 162 km / h.

The next Gilera MX-1 Record ( Credits : www.125stradali.com )

Gilera stopped the production of the MX1 in 1989 and replaced it with the new MX1 Record.

Thank you to Valentina Zanola and Alessandro Renesis for the cooperation

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