GIM JUNKIE. Officine Rossopuro Get Addicted to a Moto Guzzi Bellagio

51w ago


I’ll say it again. Moto Guzzis are like heroin. You don’t dabble in it, you don’t do a bit on the side. If you’re into Guzzis you live and breathe for them. And it turns out this addiction cripples shops as well as owners, as shown by Italy’s Officine Rossopuro. While they’ve produced scores of custom bikes over the years they’re nearly all of the Guzzi inclination. And their latest build continues this single-minded obsession with a modified Moto Guzzi Bellagio. Meet ‘Gimkana’.

Don’t feel too left out if you haven’t heard of the Bellagio. It’s never gained much traction outside of the Guzzi nut crowd – but those nuts absolutely loved it. Head of Officine Rossopuro, Filippo Barbacane, is one of them. ‘The Bellagio is easily the most underrated motorcycle produced by Moto Guzzi,’ he says. ‘It combined the most positive aspects of the old Guzzi – a chassis derived from the famous Tonti, the two valve engine with dual spark ignition and less complicated electrics… but mixed with the best new aspects of Guzzi design’.


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