Give 'Em Hell In Heaven Eddie!

When I was little, I loved to skate. I would be at any skating rink, every weekend, despite my mom's annoyance. And every time, this song will play. I would drive the people nuts because I would want to hear this song over and over again. These amazing sounds came out of those speakers, and I could not get enough. That was when my love of Rock music blossomed, I wanted to know who this was, and upon my discovery of Van Halen, I fell in love with the guitar, and anyone that played it. Eddie was such a powerhouse player, he took that Kramer, and any other guitar he got his hands on, and turned it into whatever the hell he wanted. He was a fucking badass, and he knew it. Nowadays, in this difficult world, I still turn that song on and blast the hell out of it, and I'm that 7 year old little girl again. The music world just keeps losing the greats. I'm absolutely devastated. Thank You Eddie, for an awesome childhood, for bringing us joy with every note, for being a fucking guitar genius, for EVERYTHING. Rest well. We got you from here. 😢❤🤘

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  • Rock on up there Eddie Van Vale 🙏

      9 months ago