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Give your Ford F-150 no less than 725 hp for only $40,000

Looks like a very good deal!

1y ago

In 1999, Ford had the crazy idea of giving its F-150 pickup a 5.4L V8 engine producing 360 hp. This completely crazy vehicle was the second-generation Ford F-150 Lightning. Since then, this vehicle hasn't made a comeback on the following generations since they had simply become too heavy to be sporty.

Today, fortunately, there are many ways to boost the power of the current Ford F-150. Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati, Ohio offers one of these conversions at a reduced price: 40 000 $. This amount allows you to transform your F-150 into a true racing beast with a whopping 725 hp!

For this price, your vehicle will receive a Whipple Gen 3 supercharger. And to take advantage of this attractive price, your F-150 must also be a 2WD XL Sport Regular Cab version. All parts, installation and adjustment of the various components are included in the price. Of course it is possible to have a more expensive F-150 modified, but this will increase the price.

The parts used can be guaranteed for 3 years or 36,000 miles for $795. However, be careful with the vehicle as a whole since Ford does not cover any technical damage caused by the overpowered engine. It remains a good deal since it is possible to buy recent F-150s for less than $30,000. This means that you'll get a modern 725-hp pickup for under $70,000.

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  • I’m guessing the fuse on that firecracker might be kinda short. Could end up with spark plug dings on the bottom of the hood.

      1 year ago