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Our first time in Glemseck has been a true epiphany. Now we look forward to be there again. And race!

3y ago

It's been three years now since we first heard about Glemseck. That name didn't ring us any bell but it was said it was a really nice show with a lot of appeal thanks to the vintage drag - inspired races.

There were lots of images around showing riders dressed in old leather suites trying to unleash the power of streamlined earth-to-earth rocket-bikes. And tons of petrolheads around the track.

First thing to point out is that this actually isn't a race track no more but a few decades ago these streets were united to form an exciting 11kms-long road course, called the Solitude Rennen. Nowadays they use a small portion of it to house the 1/8 mile race.

The races are the main course of the three-days event but the're surrounded by many other attractions (food, concerts, parties, thousands of bikes wandering around and revving ).

Although everybody is here to have fun (like on every other show) the atmosphere (for an Italian guy) is incredibly chilled and conmfortable. There's always a smile, a chat, a beer to share with everybody. Who said Germans were cold-hearthed selfish people?

Everything is deployed along a 2/3 kms road surrounded by fields and woods: hundreds of tenths and caravans sit beside the street with a lot of stands of builders, customizers, shops, temporary showrooms ecc.

When the night comes the noise near the stage increases as a number of bands start to perform their music. On Saturday there was the time to celebrat the winners of the two main trophies, Essenza and the Sultans of Sprint.

All this madness is due to the great idea and determination of one man, Jörg Litzenburger. He's the man behind the birth anf growth of this wolrdwide-renokn event that has arrived to its 12th edition in 2017.

He arrived on this subtle and nice matt black Bmw Ninet (one of the millions you can see at his show) and provided a non-stop speech for the spectators.

At the time of the first editions this little petrolhead wasn't even born. But it seems he can rush into things quickly! The wonder in his eyes has been one of the best memories i brought back.

Meanwhile some guys were running a typical boxer Bmw engine just to cook sausaces, eggs and bread.

Somewhere else other guys were cutting hair and shaving beards.

And somewhere else a bunch of big pink bunnies stared at the races.

Coming back to madness the areas dedicated to the Sultans of Sprint and the Little Italy tents was by far the funniest and the most active for all the three days. These people are able to bring their energy all over Europe thanks to this unique not-so-serious spirit.

It really is amazing to see all these hyper-modified bikes compressed all together for the night. There's just too much colors and details to look at in just on photo!

When it's time to celebrate you have to leave Italians alone because as always this area was just as loud as the main stage. No matter if the location was an outdoor field, they wer able to find all the ingredients to bring on a super-cool party that went on till night (nobody knew the exact hour because almost everybody was getting high).

Disco lights and even a couple of smoke machines worked all night long to create the right atmosphere.

It seems like almost nobody wanted to go to bed (or in a tent or in a caravan). a great portion of the cisitors kept on wandering araound bikes and stands, enjoying the happiness of the mood.

The weather was pretty cold, also considering that we come from Italy. So many visitors and guests found their ways to bring some heat to thenselves.

Italians are always well-known for their ability in re-creating a unique familiar feeeling everywhere they go and Glemeseck was no exception. The guys of the Little Italy group (that united a bunch of customizers and builders) went on for three days and three nightto serve pasta and other goodies cooked in place.

Even the Sultan himself was enjoyng the warm Mediterranean flavour.

It was a huge effort but really helped the whole crew in keeping a good mental condition despite of the cold and sometimes ainy weather.

Being an everyday road (and once a world-famous road-circuit) the area is filled with traditional buildings and homes that really enhance the contrast with the great variety of motorcycles types.

The one common denominator that unified all the zones of Glemseck was the huge crowd at any hour every day.

Only in the access area, the one that separates the parking lots and the space for caravans and campers from the exposition/racing part, you had time to breath and check some of the stunning creations that populated the event.

Enjoy this little overview of 2017 Glemseck 101 and stay tuned for the next parts where you'll see bikes and riders busy behind the bars!

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