Global Time Attack Chapter 2: Profanity & Pizza

2y ago


Once the sun rises, and the mosquitoes are no longer at Biblical pestilence levels, you can truly appreciate the glory that is the NOLA Motorsports Park. It has everything a gearhead could want. There is a full 2.75 mile long road course with (allegedly) one of the longest front straights in the United States.

A time attack prepared Acura NSX screaming through the corners at NOLA Motorsports Park. VTEC!

While I was there specifically for the Global Time Attack races, that was part of the much larger NOLA Speed and Style event, which included time attack, open track HPDE, drifting, a car show, vendor booths, and probably more. So you wind up getting a wristband when you’re admitted, similar to a music festival, but one with more smoke and fire. And more EDM. So…like a German music festival, I guess.

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