Glym 9 weekend sound-off: 911 vs tuscan

2y ago


Unlike most automotive-related things nowadays that, as soon as they outgrow private garages and driveways, are nearly universally located in some soulless unit in a deserted industrial estate as far from the civilised world as councils deem neccessary, Glym 9 Garage is a real, vintage garage right in the town center of Bergen op Zoom (pretty much exactly halfway between the cities of Rotterdam and Antwerp). When we're working on our cars on most Saturdays, we open our doors and people tend to drop by, on foot or bicycle - or in case of yesterday, by Porsche or TVR Tuscan...

With a caption like the one on Maurice's FFF (Racing Green's Finger Follower Free Speed 6 cylinder head)-equipped Tuscan, it was clear it would be handbags, erm exhausts at dawn as it arrived almost concurrently with a rather tasty RS'esque 911...

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    Do you think you're as good as the trio?