GM files patent for in-car foot massaging tech

Did anybody say "Cadillac Lyriq"?

General Motors is trying to step up its game in the luxury car segment and a just few weeks ago, the American company applied for a patent with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for a new foot massage system.

The “Vehicles Foot Massage System In a Vehicle Floor" patent illustrates how little bags of air that can be filled and emptied and filled again, thus acting as a foot massager when placed in the passenger compartment floor. This is not exactly game-changing technology because that's how similar systems used by rival brands work, but the fact that GM is trying to file its own patent shows just how committed they are.

Audi uses a similar system for its A8 but while Audi's foot massage is only available for passengers in the rear seats, GM is reportedly thinking about fitting the foot massage option to the front passenger seat as well.

Like other major car groups, GM is trying to figure out how to best market and sell vehicles using a variety of brands under its umbrella. When you mention the words 'luxury' and 'GM' in the same sentence, Cadillac automatically springs to mind and GM is working in that direction. The new foot massage system could realistically be used in the Escalade and the upcoming Lyriq, a 5-door electric CUV planned for an initial release in China and the US in 2022.

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  • They have my attention

      1 month ago
  • I think a mobile, self driving spa will be the Endgame.

    After that the universe will collapse.

      1 month ago