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GMC unveils the removable roof of the future Hummer EV

The pleasure of towing with your hair in the wind

2w ago


The new Hummer promises to be revolutionary. First of all, it will be the brand's first model since its rebirth. Secondly, the future Hummer will have an electric motor, which is the complete opposite of the brand's first vehicles, which ran on diesel and unleaded fuel.

The Hummer is eagerly awaited by all fans of the American brand. Unfortunately, current events have greatly delayed the presentation of the electric pickup truck. If everything had gone as planned, we would have already officially discovered the vehicle!

Therefore, GMC is making us wait while continuing to tease the new Hummer. Today, we discover a video published on the manufacturer's Twitter account. It highlights the very special roof of the vehicle. The front part has a single retractable panel while the rear section is made up of two removable parts.

This means that the future Hummer will have a roof made up of three parts. Enough to drive with your hair in the wind while towing huge loads. Indeed, the future Hummer will be equipped with a motor producing 1000 bhp and 15,590 Nm of torque!

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Comments (10)

  • I hope they made radical changes to the body. Otherwise it will continue to look like the box that the Jeep comes in

      15 days ago
    • That’s how Hummers have always looked. You can’t expect to be sleek like a Tesla. It’s a Hummer!

        11 days ago
    • I don't mean sleekness- I mean some cohesive Style. I'm okay with the boxiness & all that, but the accessory and trim always looks a little primitive and not well thought-out. I'm talking a slight remodel and aesthetic adjustments. Not a...

      Read more
        11 days ago
  • A 1000 horsepower fast Hummer with removable parts! With GM new build quality, I bet pieces will start flying off after few days.

      15 days ago