BMW, BMW, BMW. What has happened to your design department? Are you short of designers and chose to hire a grater designer instead?

BMW is once a great automotive triumph. Its glory days with the E46 M3, M1 and 3.0 CSL. Its car posters were once dotted around every child's bedroom, and are their greatest dream to own one. Sadly, its peak has passed and we are left with a whole lineup of SUVs and saloons. In the haste to redeem itself and to gain popularity over again, BMW posted a post on Twitter in November saying, "OK, Boomer. And what's your reason not to change?" It immediately sparked fire and criticism as this meme slang is used to insult older individuals who are having a hard time keeping up with modern times. BMW hastily apologizes 2 days later, but the damage has been done. But the real problem with BMW is its grills. The BMW 3 series, 4 series, as well as the iX and the new XM all have literally ginormous grills. It has been a subject of conversation for people so long that it's not even funny anymore. In reply, BMW said that "good design isn't for everyone" and that "you can't please everyone". "Good design is not about pretty or ugly" was also one of its replies. Despite BMW's best efforts, criticisms kept coming. Designers with TheSketchMonkey have come up with photoshopped images of the new i4 and iX with "normal" sized grills and we were shocked to see how great the i4 and iX could have looked like. BMW really have to up their game.

One of the best comments I've read from Twitter goes, "Please go back to making BMWs." I think this sums up it all.

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Comments (6)

  • anyway the bmw's look good (all of them)

      1 month ago
  • x8 does not exist

      1 month ago
    • Yeah it's just a render. But it's not all fake, there are some leaked photos of the real test car in camo that suggest this look.

        1 month ago
    • i know, i jut mean that it's just not in production

        1 month ago