- T​he NEW BMW M4. Source: BMW.

G​o Big or Go Home

B​MW puts the theory to the test with their new M3 and M4.

34w ago

M​ost people on the internet have heard by now that BMW's new M3 and M4 leaked early (revealed tomorrow).

A​bove is the new face of both cars, resplendent with the biggest grills to ever glance a production BMW, or even car (probably). This is the new face of one of motoring's most iconic name-plates, from one of the worlds most iconic brands.

R​actions, as you might have guessed, have been somewhat mixed. It is said that the cars are designed with China's market in mind. Frankly, it is a bit scary.

W​while reviews on the new looks are mixed, I personally believe that this reflects a common theme across car design: Get yourself noticed any way you can. When we look at recent entries from Toyota, Genesis, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, AUDI (even them) and Peugeot, just to name a few, we see much louder design.

Sometimes a loud design can really bring a car to life and suit a car's character, the same with minimalist design. However, I believe that the new Ms don't reflect such design. It comes across as something more grotesque and shocking.

W​hat do you think?

T​he New BMW M3. Source: BMW.

T​he New BMW M3. Source: BMW.

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