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Go Buy The Vagabond Ford Falcon, Regular Car Reviews' Mascot, on Bring-A-Trailer

But only if you have some suitable BROWN

13w ago

Back in 2016, Regular Car Reviews bought a 1960 Ford Falcon. Months later, it was transformed thanks to a carburetted V8 swap and AOD gearbox, christened the Vagabond Falcon, and became the mascot for the channel with the quirkiest combination of literary analysis and fart jokes ever conceived on YouTube. It's now on sale at Bring-A-Trailer.

The current bid for this Falcon stands at US$4,500, which seems fairly low, personally, but I reckon there's no reason to overvalue this just because it's owned by a YouTuber. Considering the work done by Mr. Regular and Bruce Henn's Garage for this, however, it's undoubtedly a special machine.

Mr Regular's journey to building this Falcon is well-documented in the Operation: Vagabond Falcon playlist and was a series I religiously followed back in mid-2016, as it was fascinating (at times funny) to see a resto-mod come to life before my eyes. This series was also the first time viewers saw Mr Regular's face well before the Gears and Gasoline interview.

Eventually, however, the good things end, and after four years of ownership, it's being sold. Mr Regular says he's "heard every song on this car's album", and has reached a point where ownership has become "a chore". Rather than sacrifice the Subaru Forester he uses as the camera car, it's the Falcon that gets the axe. Fair warning, however: here's a list of the problems with this car:

Still, I think this car is worth what you can pay for it. As he said in his review film of the finished product, the Vagabond Falcon is at once a realization of an alternate-era concept and a sign that "appearance creates perception", "an echo chamber of life-affirming assurance" and the representation of an idealized '60s America and its youth.

Go try your luck with this listing.

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