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Location Sharing Couldn't Be Easier Than This

2y ago


I am a car fan and I have developed an app specially for car kind of events. Spontaneous live location sharing app. You need to have it next time and you will never lose your friends in traffic. Just like NFS map.

If you are a car addict and you are into sport cars for sure you need this app to see your friends rollin along your side.

Official website: go-crew.com


DONWLOAD Premium: bit.ly/2DRMojO


This is an application which shows where you and your friends are real-time and where are they heading on map simultaneously. All you have to do is just create your profile, a community (your group) and then tell the others to join. You can also set an event with a destination point and all your friends from that community will see the target destination and also they generate a route(by vehicle, bicycle, transit and walking) to that point. If you are the admin of the group you can also kick joined people or delete the group/community. This app is very simple to use, very UI friendly and you don't need to make complicated authentication over other social media profiles. You create your profile and that’s it. In 1 min you are on your way. See where your friends heading REALTIME, FAST, and SIMPLE without any other issues or delays.



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