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16w ago

Went go karting with my son today at Scotkart Clydebank, was great fun managed 25.2 seconds and a 26.2s average over 94 laps in three 15 minute races. The months best time was a 23.3 and record is 22.9 make me look slow but never mind I was 8th fastest for the day, the video is with one of the guys that work there who joined in on the last race and one of the workers kindly took the video for me. I find this type of karting experience a bit annoying as the three (8,17,3) different karts I had all behaved a little different with 8 feeling the slowest and 17 being rather skippy in the corners and next to no play in the brakes going from rolling to locked instantly, 3 was the best performing kart being more planted and seemed to pick up better out of the corners. I liked a couple of the quotes they had up on the wall they had load to read, I picked my favourite three shown in the photos.

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  • I think I’ve been there many years ago, for the laser shooting

      3 months ago
    • Aww ok is that bit big??

      You should go have a shot it’s good fun Sam

        3 months ago
    • I’ve had a go at Knockhill a couple of years ago! It was a lot of fun, although it as comprehensive as ScotKart (just a little track outdoors)

        3 months ago