G​o Karting on Japanese streets

6d ago


J​apan is not short of things to keep you occupied.

I​f you've ever been lucky enough to visit, you'll know that it is a gorgeous country filled to the brim with some of the most amazing experiences imaginable.

And now, you can tour some of Japans most famous places in a Go Kart that is legal on the road!

C​heck out my Go Karting tour of Kyoto

The tour took us around the historic, cultural and beautiful city of Kyoto.

O​ur 50cc, F1 style Go Kart zipped us around the streets as our guide showed us some of the prettiest and iconic destinations the city has to offer.

O​nce you get used to being 3cms off the ground with huge coaches and SUVs zooming around you, the whole experience is fantastic.

Y​ou get to see some jaw dropping sights and zoom about on some very fun little machines.

W​hat city would you like to Go Kart around?

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