God Bless The Humans Who Built This Rotary Powered Dragster

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In the world of drag racing rails are king. They are just some metal with space for a human, an engine and the biggest set of tires the rules will allow. Their purpose is singular and that is go go in a straight line as fast as humanly possible.

Usually sitting behind the driver the engine is some form of fire breathing V8 monster that has a blower bigger than Jeremy Clarkson's ego strapped to it. Top Fuel cars burn nitro methane and make upwards of 10,000 horsepower. However, there are all manner of Rail classes in drag racing and some allow for some less than conventional power plants. This is where this rotary powered rail comes into play.

The engine is built by Billet Inc. and is based on a 20B design. So that's a purpose built racing engine with a ginormous turbo bolted to the side of it and the sound is like very few rails the planet. Even standing still this thing sounds glorious. Power figures remain a mystery but given a built 20B's potential this thing should be a rocket ship. For now we can only enjoy the stationary testing as this machine has yet to make its maiden voyage down the strip.

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