Godzilla on the Mountains - the fastest GT-R ever at Pikes Peak

On 2014, Hawk Performance entered this wild Nissan GT-R to tackle the Legendary Mountain with Pro driver Mike Skeen. In what was he rookie year of both Team and Driver at the Colorado Springs based event, it would end up being a story of success as they would went on to use the 700+Hp R35 to post a mighty impressive 9:55.471 chrono, ensuring also victory on the Open Class all while breaking the infamous 10 minute barrier.

Important to mention this Nissan GT-R R35 was an ex-Pirelli World Challenge Series contender up until 2013, when it was retired. From there it saw a "second life" at motor racing with its conversion into a HillClimb Monster. With its front diff and driveshifts already removed and with its VR38DETT engine repositioned into a lower and more central position, the biggest modifications perfored were on the bodywork, using some properly dimensioned wings, ready to cope with the demands of Pikes Peak like its scarcity of oxygen on its upper sections.

Hawk Performance would went on to state that this participation had has its main goals to know what the event was about and to test for future editions where the car would be developed further. Well...we are still waiting, and with 2018 shaping up to be a milestone year at Pikes Peak, maybe this is the moment for a comeback...

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