- And here we see the Smart car stalking its prey. (image credit: Simon Bloy)

Going off-road the Smart way

38w ago


If you’ve been browsing the internet you might have discovered a Smart Roadster with a lift kit for sale in England.

Besides the jacked-up suspension, the car is basically stock, running all the same gear as the standard model.

This is tame compared to the vehicles you're about to see. (image credit: Autotrader UK)

Surprisingly, this isn’t a new idea, if you fall down the internet rabbit hole of off-road Smart cars, you’ll find a collection of all-terrain Smarts and these are our favourites.

Smart Fortwo

Created by YouTuber George Kosilov, the Ukrainian took a first gen Smart Fortwo and transformed the hatch into an off-road buggy.

While still using the stock 0.8-litre turbo-diesel, which produces 45kW, the car is still a capable off-roader.

George added mud terrain tyres, lifted suspension, a bash plate, and a winch, everything you need to take on nature.

Smart Roadster

Is this the most badass Smart car you've ever seen? (image credit: Simon Bloy)

Unlike the example that’s for sale on the Autotrader UK website, this Roadster appears to be ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Kitted out with all the same gear as the previously mentioned Fortwo, this Smart just needs some 'survival hardware'.

Also worth a mention is this rock-climbing Roadster, which has been draped in the American flag.

Would you love to take a Smart car bush-bashing? Let us know in the comments.

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