Going Offroad in a Porsche Cayenne

8w ago


With the new Porsche Cayenne, they also did an update on their PCM infotainment system. The newer PCM system Porsche introduced with the Panamera was already great so naturally I asked Porsche for a test car to get a more detailed look at the new system. I was eager to see what new features they build into it.

Porsche invited me to Stuttgart to pick up the Cayenne and to have a chat with two of the developers of the PCM system. While we talked about the new features one was an update for the car companion “Porsche Connect App” I immediately downloaded it. While I was in the App store I also saw the “Porsche Offroad Precision App” which immediately struck my curiosity. I was told that this is an app which connects to the car while you’re off-roading and captures videos and vehicle data so you can analyze and share it later.

You guys know, that I have to test this offroad app with the car now?


From the moment I was told what this app does I was hooked and sure that I need to test it.

Everybody was laughing at that remark, the developers, the communication-manager and me.

We are so used to see SUVs in citys and on the roads that we sometimes forget that those cars started as Offroad cars. Also when you hear Porsche you rather think on track performance and driving pleasure rather then offroad capatbilities

To be honest at that point I didn’t believe that I was going to take a expensive car like the Cayenne on a trip in an offroad park. But some days later something happened which changed my mind and not so long after that I was driving into Furstenau-Forest-Off-Road-Park

Porsche Offroad Precision App

So how did I end up offroading the So how did I end up offroading in the Porsche Cayenne? The next Saturday morning I was lying on my couch and I started the Offroad Precison App and scrolled trough it. Because it was published from the Porsche of North America the first thing which you’ll see is a big warning advice.

After you clicked that away you can navigate through the app, which is very well made. In the gallery you can find some screenshots of the app. But if you're intrested in the App you can download it and check it out yourself.

When you scroll to the end of the gallery you'll find a screenshot of the feature which shows you offroad parks nearby.

There were three things which convinced me that I should go to an offroad park.

1. The app describes very well how to drive offroad with the Porsche Cayenne

2. It shows dedictated offroad parks nearby

3. There are badges for offroading and the highest badge is for 5.000 km logged offroading

So I thought to myself. If Porsche is brave enough to build such an app for the car, I'm brave enough to drive it offroad. So I called my good friend Jonas Speck to join me and we went to Fursten-Forrest which is europes biggest Offroad Park.

I tried diffrent holding spots but the one you can see in this picture is the best in my opinion.

Setting up the app is easy and straight forward. I brought an suction cup to fix my phone on the windshield and off we went.

Maybe this is a good point to mention that you only can use the app when you orderd the Offroad-option..

The offroad option also has the compass in the dashboard. To be honest I always tought that an compass is a modern car is a joke. But offroading thought me otherwise.

You can see a glimpse of the compass in this picture.

Time for some offroad action

A picutre says more than a tousand words. That's why I have some highlight shoots here for you

I can tell you one thing: The looks you get when you drive with a Porsche in an offroad park are great.

Of cause I suggest you drive carefully. And sometimes you should scout the terrain ahead

There are some gerat views.

What did the app record?

As mentioned earlier, the reason why I went to the offroad park is to see what the app does. One thing I can tell you is, that I can be very helpful, because it shows you the tracked view of you journey. So you won’t get lost that easily.

It can also show you detailed information for every second of the journey. Also, al lot of sensor data is available and combined with the video. The sensors also determine special "Moments" and mark them in the timeline. Of cause you can set your own moments manually while driving.

After you're finished. You can create a highlight video from within the app and share it with your friends. Editing takes a moment to get used to but once you understand it, makes some great highlight videos. Here is mine:

Play video

Conclusion: Offoarding with a Porsche

After all I was surprised how well the Porsche Cayenne performed in an offroard environment. You know I can imagine how some engineers at Porsche said: We know that probably only 5% of our customers will take the take car offroad. But for those few the car must be able to perform 100% as you would expect it from a Porsche on all other tracks too.

As you might notice i didn't bring the right shoes, but still made it trough the day.

This wasn’t my first time I did offroading with a car. But all my offroad experience was with guided tours, where the course was already laid out in advance.

Driving all alone is something different I can tell you that. But nevertheless I felt very comfortable with the Porsche. And saying I wasn’t afraid of breakting anything would be an understatement. I didn’t ask Porsche for permission in advance, and the lease agreement didn’t rule it out so I thought I might as well try this, bearing in mind that I probably will get some trouble if I damage anything.

Without the app, I probably would have never thought of driving offroad. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t start the day earlier to earn me that first badge for 20km offroading.

I hope you enjoyed my article. If you want to see more picture you can find them on my website. Also there is a german podcast where I talk about my experience.