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GOLD! Cars You Won't Miss - New Brabus G 700 and Ferrari 458

The well known gold 458 Spider from London has got a new garage mate!

3y ago

Riyadh Al Azzawi, kickboxing world champion, has added another gold car to the fleet to celebrate and inspire ahead of his next big fight! Three years after I filmed a viral video of his Ferrari 458 Spider, he's recently acquired the Brabus G 700, based on the G63 AMG to go alongside with matching gold finish and red interior. Could you get any brighter!?

After looking around the Brabus G Class, I jumped onboard with Riyadh to experience some of the positive vibes that the finish creates, causing people to wave and stare everywhere we go. He talks too about how it's an inspiration for his upcoming fight in Baghdad to aim for first. You'll also find a nice pair of golden gloves replacing the traditional fluffy dice in his Ferrari...

You can follow Riyadh Al-Azzawi on Instagram here: instagram.com/riyadhazzawi

Please see the original video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OW0F...

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