Golden X5m

This BMW has a quite interesting story of performance and personalization.

The owner of this car wanted something that will have all the features that he needs, but nothing that could answer all the suggestions, so he took a decision to build the custom that will make him happy with the abilities of his BMW. When he bought it, the car was black with the Tan/Black interior and since that moment the vehicle has changed a lot.

As for the beginning, the owner wanted something that will get more attention to the car, so the first step was putting a vinyl wrap. The color for wrapping was chosen to be matt gold.

After some time driving the car stock, the owner decided to make some performance to the engine of his X6M. BMW got new catalytic converters, head collector and the x-pipe. Together with the chip-tuning the engine had 711hp and 902Nm of torque. The car was able to reach 100km/s in 3.6 seconds.

Later in 2014, the owner decided to get the maximum out of the car to build the vehicle of his dreams. At that moment, the golden BMW was totally disassembled. Later, in 2015, the rebuilt version of the car was ready.

It got fully new custom interior with the steering wheel and media system from the new generation X5M. There is also a new Bang & Olufsen sound system, front window projection and front seats from BMW 7 series.

The engine was completely reassembled, it got new intake, full custom Eisenmann Race exhaust. It also has new pistons, camshafts, fuel injectors, fuel pump, turbines and etc. Totally, the engine has only the BMW block and heads, everything else is tuned. With the top setup this BMW has 1006hp and 1400Nm of torque.
The gearbox was also reassembled with the new clutches made from kevlar and lots of other modifications. In this configuration it can easily carry 1,500hp.

The car was also lowered with 4cm in order to be more stable on the road.
It also has custom front lights that have 6 programmed chips. These lights can change the angle depending on the speed, so with the lower speed the light goes in front and both sides of the car, but with the higher speed it starts to turn only to front.

Totally, this car is unique. It’s owner chose the setup that he needed, the functions that it should carry and reached his goals. This is not the final configuration and we hope to see new information on this car soon.

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