goldwing runs a red light

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3y ago


I'm not a fan of just posting pointless crash videos for no reason (unlike certain other pages that I won't name...)

In this particular video, there's some stuff to be learned thanks to the unique angle at which the crash was caught. It's second only to crash test dummy footage. Ironically, they also use Goldwings in their simulated crashes.

Anyway, the Honda Goldwing rider runs a clear red light and collides with the Mercedes. The Honda is going to be approaching half a tonne of metal with the rider onboard. A fraction of a second later and the rider would probably have suffered fatal head and neck injuries. Thankfully, he was able to roll over the front wing and bonnet, and survived the accident.

Remember kids, don't be an amber gambler!


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  • OKAY hold up.... Um, everyone's light was still red at the time of the collision. The Benz and Audi look to be racing and jumped the gun, you can even hear tyre slip from, presumably, the Benz. I know a Gold wing is a monstrously heavy bike, but look how far the front of the Benz slid to the side, he had to be light on the front from his pathetic launch.

    The light doesn't turn green to through traffic until both cars are well into the street.

    Both cars are from a dealer it appears. I'd be willing to bet those were salesmen or porters thrashing on lot cars... I know this is "drive" tribe and all, but the persistent and sensational blame-the-biker trends from y'all are getting old. Everyone there was gambling with lights there, not just the old f#*ker on the gold wing...

      3 years ago
    • But the gold wing was going to get hit no matter what. He was trying to make the yellow light it just didn't happen

        3 years ago
    • Greens change to red long before opposite lights change to green to prevent this kind of thing happening. You cannot see the bikes red light or the cars green light. However regardless the biker is clearly going so fast he couldn't stop at the...

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        3 years ago
  • Must be soviet Russia. Note that the light goes from amber to green, instead of amber to red. Those two in the cars jump the green, as you can see they are in motion for the yellow. Goldwing rider is still running a red, but, probably would have made it had the cars not jumped the green. Everybody's at fault, but, it's Russia - the home of YouTube's car crash filming grounds.

      3 years ago
    • In other European countries as well, light goes from red to both, red AND amber and then to green, but also, it always goes from green to amber to red. See the video from the beginning and you'll notice, as the camera approaches the...

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        3 years ago
    • Yes, Also in Germany and Poland, not in other West European countries, from red to amber. May be in the east somewhere still

        3 years ago
  • That guy does his own stunts. Bravo.

      3 years ago
  • I feel bad for that poor Mercedes. i love those old but strong cars.

      3 years ago
    • Mercedes is fucking crap. It is rusty, expensive and the value of it drops in fucking no time

        3 years ago
  • Expesive crash. Bike rider lucky not to get crushed between the two cars.

      3 years ago


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