Golf GTI Killer? Hyundai i30 N vs BMW M135i

      Racing against the BMW M135i on the Autobahn in 4k Ultra HD #headtohead


      PLEASE NOTE: The GPS speed indicator sometimes runs a bit late. Please do not shitstorm due tu apparent late breaking at speed limits...

      Hyundai i30 N - The Golf GTI killer?

      Equipped with plenty of racing genes directly taken from the WRC the Hyundai i30 N should perform brillant against the Golf GTI. But the BMW M135i is rated at least one level higher.

      Close competition?




      Against the Golf GTI Probably Yes...

      Against the BMW M135i Definitely No!

      Head to Head

      BMW M135i (Automatic): 2979 cc I6 turbo

      Weight: 1515 kg / 3340 lb

      Max output: 235 kW / 316 bhp

      Weight to Power ratio: 10.76 lb/bhp

      Max torque: 450 Nm

      Sprint 0-62mph: 4.9 s

      Top speed: 155 mph (limited)

      Hyundai i30 N (Performance): 1998 cc I4

      Weight: 1504 kg / 3316 lb

      Max output combined: 184 kW (202 kW) / 247 bhp (271 bhp)

      Weight to Power ratio: 13.43 lb/bhp (12.24 lb/bhp)

      Max torque combined: 353 Nm (Overboost: 378 Nm)

      Sprint 0-62mph: 6.4 s (6.1 s)

      Top speed: 155 mph

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