G​olf IV GTI by Welly

T​he original Golf GTI was loved for being tiny, light and great fun to drive without needing a huge amount of power from its characterful engine. It also was practical and showed that it was hotter than a normal Golf with its red stripe around the grille. So logically, when VW presented the Golf IV, it has grown a lot in size and weight, was available with a Diesel engine, was pretty slow and you could hardly differ it from the normal Golf when looking at it. The situation was so bad that the people at VW actually made its successor better instead of worse, what a great plan!

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Comments (2)

  • Nice casting. I've never had a Welly in my hand. I may have to get one to remedy such.

    These cars were a blast. From Mk1 on up it's a seriously fun car. I've had a handful of Mk1's and a Jetta GLI MK1. My buddy had a Jetta IV for a few years and loved it until the electrical gremlins started. Typical VW - window control units go and windows get stuck. Same thing happened on my B5 Passat longroof. It's a cost of owning a VW. The fun far outweighs the little bs that has to be fixed from time-to-time.

      2 months ago
    • Oh right, I heard that they were no fun at all compared to earlier GTIs

      Yeah, Wellys are really nice and while this is an old one the new ones are even nicer

        2 months ago