Golfs rule UK second-hand market in 2019 according to Auto Trader

Auto Trader gives us a detailed view at the country’s favourite cars. It seems a black Golf with air conditioning is what the UK wants.

1y ago

Auto Trader is one of the main websites in the United Kingdom for car listings with around 450,000 ads each day. It may seem odd to those of us that simply enjoy browsing cars we’ll never be able to afford, but the saner members of society actually use Auto Trader to buy and sell motors.

Thanks to the site’s massive user database and its ability to track search terms, we are able to find exactly what the country is looking for when buying a new car. In fact, a survey of 2,000 users’ search history was even able to deduce that, as a country, we see more use for a heated steering wheel than Apple CarPlay. The options were said to be important to 8% and 7% of the test subjects respectively.

The main point of the report was to find out what models the country would ideally be driving around in. The result showed that the VW Golf is, by far the nation’s favourite car getting a total of 1,3 million views by the 2,000 people that took part in the survey. At almost half the view count of the Golf was the Ford Focus that was seen just 846,212 times.

The good news for petrolheads is that the highest-ranking SUV – the Range Rover – came in with just half the view count of the Golf. This trend continues with hatchbacks outranking the monstrous SUV market that has seemed to have dominated the world.

Another point the survey manages to reveal is that hybrid cars may be losing their popularity to electric vehicles. In fact, the highest ranking EV, the Audi E-Tron was viewed more times than the highest-ranking hybrid, the Toyota Corolla.

Although the Golf is supposedly Britain’s favourite car, results show that VW itself is only the third most popular manufacturer coming in behind BMW and Audi. I think this mostly shows that, with the rise in popularity of car financing, the country has become obsessed with figuring out just what they can stretch themselves to.

As previously mentioned, Auto Trader has been able to reveal that a heated steering wheel is a more important option to the British population than Apple CarPlay. However, both of these options are apparently last on the priority list compared with air conditioning which over half the population thinks is important.

As expected, it’s the duller colours that dominate the country’s favourite paint choices. Black, silver and white all appear in the nation’s five favourite colours. However, both blue convincingly steals second place with 19% of survey participants saying they would choose it for their next car.

The ultimate car for the United Kingdom, it seems, is a black VW Golf with great air conditioning. The one piece of information the survey doesn’t tell us is whether the country would rather have an automatic or manual gearbox. Therefore, let’s complete the survey and find out once and for all what transmission manufacturers should focus their attention on.

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  • Once you experience Apple Car Play you can’t go back to not having it. Waze is by far the best navigation software out there.

      1 year ago
    • I have an older car so don't have much of an infotainment system. Found that I can download the Android Auto app on my phone that I fiw to the dash, that's pretty good. Makes everything a lot easier.

        1 year ago
  • I'm hoping to get a golf when I am old enough to drive

      1 year ago